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My shop sells everything from fabric and felt, thread and thimbles to buttons and bows.
We try to cater for all your crafting needs, whether your making a simple tote bag,
a stylish cushion for your lounge or a quilt for yourself or as a gift.
Need advice or help with a project I’m always on hand and eager to assist.
If you want to brush up on some old skills or learn new ones
I regular hold classes to improve on them,
from making a zippered purse, to a multi pocket bag ,
two day quilting classes and patchwork cushions to name a few.

About Me


I’m a thirty something mum of two, with a super supportive partner and a mental dog. I started my business back in 2016 when I got back into crafting and making quilts and found that my fabric hoard was taking over and with the amount of fabric and wadding I was buying I could open up a shop, so I did. First online then after finding a suitable premises a proper shop. I still prefer physically touching and feeling the fabric, matching the colours and talking with like minded people but we still have to move with the times too.

I’m always pleased to see what you’ve made with the fabric especially when so much time and love has been poured into it. Most of us craft with the intention to give it away as a gift for someone we love and some are working towards a passion to start their own business doing the thing they love. What ever your aim I’m always here to help and give advice.

Message me with your pic’s and I will add them to my customers gallery, don’t forget to add your details if your a budding business so i can add a link.

Hope to hear from you soon Vicky x




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